Datacoral Redshift Console Integration

Datacoral Redshift Console Integration is designed to allow Amazon Redshift customers to seamlessly and quickly select Datacoral to set up their data pipelines. To get started, AWS users can launch the partner integration wizard from the Cluster Details page within the Amazon Redshift console where they will be presented with select AWS Partners. Once, the users can select Datacoral from the list, they will be redirected to Datacoral's app to set up an account. Users can then continue with the Datacoral onboarding process and set up their installation with their existing Redshift cluster as the warehouse. The Redshift connection credentials other than the password will be automatically passed into the onboarding flow from the Redshift console. Users need to just specify the Redshift cluster password during the onboarding process.

Once set up, users can quickly connect different data sources to ingest data into Amazon Redshift and build data pipelines on that data. The status of the Datacoral integration can be monitored directly from the Amazon Redshift console through the 'Integrations' section on properties tab of the Redshift cluster that was added to the installation.


Please refer to the instructions here to grant appropriate privileges for Datacoral to access the existing Redshift warehouse.