Datacoral Version 1.58.0

Web Application:

  • Performance improvements made to fetch runtime logs for backfill workflows.
  • Added support to configure a new warehouse, EDH during onboarding.
  • Audits added to the Installation manager page.
  • Fixed audit logs UTC timestamps.
  • Improvements added to the connector add/edit flows.


  • PostgreSQL CDC
    • Support added for custom slot name while adding connector.


  • EDH
    • Added a new warehouse driver for EDH with support for replace, append and merge mode loads.


  • Added support for force deleting a redshift MV with downstreams.

Sytem improvements

  • Added a System Logging improvement to log the timelabel summary object if it fails to get saved.
  • Optimized backfill workflows where the system can recover from where it left off in the case of failures.
  • Added a flag to disable notifying downstream DAG when the system is overloaded with failures.
  • Optimization added to set downstreams to be skipped upstream failure on an upstream failure immediately instead of waiting for all the dependencies.