Datacoral Version 1.56.0

Web Application:

  • Fixed a bug so that the connector update flow does not resume paused loadunits.
  • Support for backfilling Salesforce connector


  • Allow easier addition of new loadunit to ingest connector through the CLI command without any modification to the connector configuration.
  • Allow backfills for any loadunit for any connector having backfill configuration.


  • Data Quality checks

    • Enhancements to DQ Debug Queries for CDC connectors to generate the queries irrespective of the number of synopsis connectors.
  • Salesforce

    • Added support for automated backfill for loadunits that get added in incremental mode when the connector gets added.
    • Changed the default sync mode to incremental update when the connector gets added.
    • Added support for staggered schedules for loadunits to better manage load at the source during the data syncs.


  • Added failure reason in timelabel summaries for failed Athena MVs

Sytem improvements

  • Added automatic retries for warehouse (Redshift and Snowflake) loads to handle intermittent connection issues and timeouts.
  • Changed Notification manager to emit distinct slack events for retry-able failures and success only after automatic retries.
  • Improved efficiency while propagating FAILURE and SUCCESS events to all the downstreams of an MV.