Datacoral Version 1.55.0

Web Application:

  • Added support to create MVs with 2 days and 1 week schedules.
  • Added AWS account id and s3 data bucket name fields on the installation settings page.


  • Added support to delete connector loadunits with downstreams using '--force' flag.


  • Data Quality checks
    • Fixes added to handle array datatypes in CDC connectors.
    • Enhancements to DQ Report for CDC connectors to generate the full report irrespective of the number of synopsis connectors.
  • Drift
    • Fixes to handle 404 errors from API more gracefully.
  • Facebook
    • Removed column is_in_middle_of_local_entity_migration from ad_accounts loadunit.
  • Github
    • Fixes to handle empty repositories.
  • Mailgun
    • Added retry logic for ETIMEDOUT errors from the Mailgun API.
  • S3
    • Fixes for handling connector update through UI
  • PostgreSQL
    • Fixes for snapshot paginate loadunits and loadunits with extraction query.


  • Adding support for int8 columns and soft deletes in CDW driver.
  • Fixes to the soft deletes query for redshift and snowflake to handle cases where updates and deletes for same rows are present in a timelabel.


  • Added support for AVRO storage-format while creating Athena MVs.