Datacoral Version 1.51.0

Web Application:

  • Users can enable/disable a connector via UI.
    • Enabling a connector will create source resources as needed based on the type of connector (e.g., PostgreSQL CDC connector).
    • For disabled connectors, users can now drop the source resources from the UI.


  • Data Quality checks
    • Support for adding high frequency DQ checks for critical tables without checksum calculation.
    • Setup of DQ checks is now self serve.
    • Fixes to take care of false positives due to delay in warehouse loads when there are deleted rows.
  • PostgreSQL CDC
    • Fixes in the timings shown in the Gantt chart in the loadunit detail pages.
    • Introduced the auto-recovery MySQL CDC connector on timeout specially during backfill.
  • Workday
    • Support for adding custom loadunits.
  • Marketo
    • Fix for loadunits to pick up the slice level schedule so that schedule is shown correctly in the connector add/edit operations.
  • JDBC
    • Support for handling column lists.