Datacoral Version 1.45.0

Web Application :

  • New sign-up page for self-serve trials
  • Allow user to activate account by setting password
  • Allow users to configure VPC CIDR block during installation set-up in their AWS account.
  • Allow users to create a new Redshift cluster during onboarding with their own AWS accounts.
  • Automatic installation assignment for ‘Hosted by Datacoral’ onboarding option when there are installations available
  • Automatic redirect to ‘Add connector ‘ page when the installation is ready
  • Internal Documentation to create and set up installations for trials
  • Team management page to allow managing teams and installations during trials easily

Connectors :

  • Google Adwords
    • Added new loadunits and documentation
    • Enabled connector in the UI
  • Zendesk
    • Fixed datalayout for id column for all the loadunits
  • PostgreSQL CDC
    • Performance optimization for peek queries
  • Improvements in the connector delete operations
    • All the metadata and configuration data gets cleaned up on connector delete
  • Improvements in connector add/edit through UI
    • Users can now add/edit MySQL/PG CDC connectors using our redesigned UI for adding/editing connectors which gives the users more control on the configuration options


  • Added a new option to connector list command to give a list of all versions of a given connector
  • Added a new option to connector download command to download a specific version
  • Added a new command bulk-update-loadunits to enable bulk update of connector loadunits

System Improvements :

  • Logging
    • CDC loadunit logs are available
    • Added prefix runtime logs in cloudwatch for more efficient log retrieval