Datacoral Version 1.44.0


  • Support to Sign-up to Datacoral via Google Federated Login added
  • Console User Password is auto generated within the onboarding stack for Hosted by you flow

Connectors :

  • PostgreSQL CDC
    • Replication slot size monitoring alerts added
    • Support to surface backfill timeouts added
    • Robustness fixes to handle cases where S3 is overloaded
  • Salesforce:
    • Vertically partitioned accounts loadunit
    • Bug fix for column list/exclude list
  • Mailgun:
    • Loadunits domain_stats is divided into three loadunits - domain_stats_hour, domain_stats_day , domain_stats_month
    • Improved error handling
  • Marketo:
    • Added support for loadunit List Membership


  • CLI has installation DAG command to retrieve the installation DAG for table and schema level
  • Additional connector stats commands to provide the individual timelabel runs details
  • Support for self-referential MVs in Redshift added

System Improvements :

  • Logging :
    • Unique identifier added to each log line across all components
    • CLI/UI can retrieve all the logs for individual timelabel of loadunit, MV or publish unit across all components within the installation
  • Connector deployment made more robust by adding support to handle bigger payloads of connector configuration