Datacoral Version 1.36.0


  • Ability to add connectors with ~2000 loadunits
  • Ability to perform in-place edits of the extract configuration and datalayout for a given loadunit in the UI and CLI
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL CDC connectors now show the status of historical syncs in the UI
  • Reduced the AWS cost of CDC connectors by over 50%
  • Salesforce Ingest connector is now available
  • JDBC connector now supports table include/exclude lists
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements in JDBC, S3, PG, JIRA and Rollbar


  • CLI matview update command will print the timelabel when the changes are applied
  • pause-downstream command will pause/resume just the first level downstream transforms and the further downstream will go into SKIPPED_PAUSED state resume-downstream command will resume the first level downstream transforms as well.