Datacoral Version 1.33.0


  • Allow for the entire connector to be paused or resumed at interval time window boundaries. This means that connectors will continue to fetch data until all data for the current time window is completed before pausing. Resume also starts from the time window where the connector left off at the time of Pause.
  • CDC Connectors will be paused automatically when the Write-Ahead-Log (WAL) reader runs into problems and sends out an alert so that problems can be mitigated without causing data issues. The connector can be resumed after the errors are fixed.
  • Drift Connector now has a more robust fetching of contacts where sometimes contacts may be in meetings or in conversations or both.
  • Added ability for Datacoral CLI to download/validate/add/remove JDBC connectors. These connectors have a modular configuration that is easier to manage.


  • Get batch-level visibility into downstream dependencies for loadunits. See exactly which batches of transformations depend on each batch of a loadunit.

System improvements

  • SQL queries for Redshift transformations will be submitted via Redshift's JDBC driver for more robust error handling and better auditing.