Datacoral Version 1.32.0


  • Postgres Change Data Capture improvements
    • Handle cases where the replication slot grows really quickly to be really big because of stored procedures or operations like TRUNCATE.
    • Ability to trigger the connector from the UI and CLI to start reading the replication slot
    • Ability to trigger a backfill in the UI and CLI for a single loadunit for pgcdc
  • Github - Adding 2 new loadunits views and clones


  • Loosen MV update restrictions for MVs with table-type regular and update-mode replace.

System improvements

  • Ability to filter notifications by type of event (metadata or data), schema, table name, status (success or failure)
  • Enabling Cost Allocation Tags for all AWS resources spun up by Datacoral for full vilibility into AWS cost of Datacoral
  • Speed up of web application

Onboarding Flow improvements

  • Adding Tags for all datacoral resources
  • Provide option to create a KMS key for encrypting all SNS topics
  • Cloudtrail bucket is only accessible via HTTPS
  • Onboarding flow will not create cloudtrail bucket, users now own the responsibility of creating cloudtrail buckets
  • Allow custom bucket for cftemplates to support custom cftemplate changes per customer