Snowplow Events


Snowplow is an open sourced instrumentation library. It is used to collect user event data (page views, e-commerce transactions etc) from the client-side tier of your websites and web apps. The snowplow events slice exposes an API endpoint that you can send events to via the Snowplow's instrumentation libraries.




Input Parameters

To get a template for the Snowplow Events slice configuration save the output of the describe --input-parameters command as follows: datacoral collect describe --slice-type events-snowplow \ --input-parameters > snowplow_parameters_file.json

Necessary input parameters:

* environments - Manage the API keys and acceptable request origins for different environments created for you.
* <environment_name> - Environment name for apiKey and allowedOrigins.
* apiKeyName - Specifies if you want to generate and use api keys.
* allowedOrigins - Specifies the origins that you want to allow cross-domain requests from.

Example template:

"environments": {
"dev": [
"apiKeyName": "devKey",
"allowedOrigins": ["http://localhost:*"]
"prod": [
"apiKeyName": "prodKey",
"allowedOrigins": [""]


  • BootstrapTopicARN

  • apiGatewayInfo: awsRegion, resourceName, restApiId, stackPrefix