PostgreSQL CDC Connector UI Setup Guide


Please complete these steps before adding in the UI

Step 1: Select PostgreSQL CDC connector

  • From the main menu, click on Add a connector
  • Find and select PostgreSQL CDC connector

Step 2: Configure connection parameters

Fill the below mandatory fields

  • Host - Hostname of the source PG Server
  • Port - Database port
  • Database - Name of the source database to connect to
  • Username - Database username
  • Password - Database password
  • Table Whitelist - Add a regex for only the necessary tables into the destination warehouse
  • Table Blacklist - Add a regex to filter out tables in the destination warehouse
  • Schedule - The sync frequency of the connector
  • Perform soft deletes - Captures deletes at source in the column __dc_cdc_deleted_at
  • Handle multiple schemas - In case of multiple schemas, the table name in the warehouse will be of the form source_schema_source_table
  • Action on Column Delete -
    • rename - If the column deleted at source should be renamed in destination
    • noop - no operation should be done at the destination

It is recommended that the connection parameters of the replica Postgres server to be used for automatic historical syncs as it will prevent additional overhead on the master database

  • Host - Hostname of the replica PG Server
  • Port - Database port of the replica PG Server
  • Database - Name of the replica database to connect to
  • Username - Replica database username
  • Password - Replica database password

Connector is added

You have successfully added the connector once you have landed on the below page.

Please note that the connector is in a disabled state when added, kindly click on enable button in top right to enable it

Got Questions?

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