MySQL CDC Connector Connector CLI Setup Guide



Please complete these steps before adding in the CLI

Step 1 : Download an exising configuration

Download an existing connector.

datacoral connector download --connector-name mysql_cdc_productiondb --download-directory <download-directory-path>

In this example mysql_cdc_productiondb is the name of the existing connector.

You can also copy the command directly from the UI by clicking on the download icon against the existing connector

Step 2: Update the Parameters File

Update the "slice name" in the parameters json file in download directory.

Step 3: Add the connector

datacoral connector add --connector-name <connector-name> --config-directory <download-dir>
  • connector-name Name of your connector. A schema with the conenctor name will be automatically created in your warehouse
  • <download-dir> File path to the input parameters file must be in this directory

Got Questions? Interested?

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