Zendesk Connector UI Setup Guide


Before adding the connector, please complete the below steps.

  1. Generate Zendesk API keys
  2. Generate Zendesk Chats API access token

Generate Zendesk API key

  1. Click on Gear icon in the left of the Zendesk navigation panel and access Admin>Channels>API
  2. In Zendesk API go to settings
  3. Enable the Token Access option and click on Add API Token button
  4. Provide an API token description, like "datacoral" and copy the Token

    Make sure the token is copied as it will not be shown again

  5. Click on Save button

Generate Zendesk Chats API access token

  1. Sign in as an admin to Zendesk Chat.

  2. In the Chat Dashboard, go to Settings>Account

  3. Select the API & SDK tab.

  4. Click Create API Client and enter the below fields

    • Client Name - ex: datacoral
    • Company - ex: datacoral
    • Redirect URLs - http://localhost
  5. If the client is successfully created, a dialog appears listing a client ID and a client secret. You'll need client ID to create an OAuth access token.

  6. Open the below link in browser after completing the below steps

    • replacing CLIENT_ID with the client ID saved from previous step.
    • replacing SUBDOMAIN with the subdomain portion of your FQDN.(ex: test.zendesk.com, use test as the subdomain)
  7. Click on Allow access

  8. You will be redirected, copy the access_token from url

Step 1: Select Zendesk connector

  • Go back to datacoral app
  • From the main menu, click on Add connector
  • In the drop down list, find and select Zendesk

Step 2: Configure connection parameters

Fill in the details for

  • Slice name - Set the name of the connector, please note that this cannot be changed
  • Warehouse - Choose the destination warehouse from the drop down
  • API subdomain: only the subdomain portion of your FQDN.
  • API Auth token: API token, go to click for details on how to generate
  • Chat API Auth token: Chat API token, click for details for details on how to generate.
  • API user name: The username you've used to login to Zendesk, and appending /token to it (ex: team@company.co/token)
  • List of objects in custom fields names in user profiles: List of custom fields for users in a comma separated format
  • Connector schedule: Sync frequnecy of the connector in cron format

Connector Activated

You have successfully added the connector once you have landed on the below page.


Please contact Datacoral's Support Team, we'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions.