Zendesk Connector CLI Setup Guide


Before adding the connector, please complete the below steps.

  1. Generate Zendesk API keys
  2. Generate Zendesk Chats API access token Please refer to Pre-requisites step in the Zendesk Connector UI Setup Guide

Step 1: Download the connector configuration template

To get a template for the Zendesk slice configuration save the output of the describe --input-parameters command as follows:

datacoral collect describe --slice-type zendesk --input-parameters > zendesk_parameters_file.json

Step 2: Update the parameters file

Modify the input parameters file (Ex.zendesk_parameters_file.json) by adding the following necessary input parameters:

Example template of sample file

"subdomain": "API subdomain (https://YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.zendesk.com/api/v2/) (string)",
"user": "API User name (string)",
"tickets_custom_fields": [
"array of {id: field_name} (array of object {id:number,field_name:string})"
"user_custom_fields": [
"array of custom fields names in user profiles (array of string)"
"backfillSchedule": "datasource backfill schedule (optional) (string), default - \"0 0 * * *\"",
"schedule": "datasource schedule (optional) (string), default - \"0 0 * * *\"",
"token": "API auth token (string)",
"chat_api_token": "chat API auth token (string)"
(replace sample values with actual data according to specified type)

Step 3: Add the connector

datacoral collect add --slice-type zendesk --slice-name <slice-name> --parameters-file <params-file>
  • slice-name Name of your connector. A schema with your slice-name is automatically created in your warehouse
  • params-file File path to your input parameters file. Ex. zendesk_parameters_file.json

Got questions? Interested?

Please contact Datacoral's Support Team, we'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions.