Zendesk Connector Overview

Zendesk is a customer service software and support ticketing system. The Datacoral Zendesk connector collects data from a Zendesk API and writes it to an AWS S3 bucket and an AWS Redshift data warehouse

Features & Capabilities

  • Backfill: Full historical sync of your entire data
  • Data Extraction Modes: snapshot, incremental with pagination
  • Data Load Modes: replace, append and merge
  • Tables and Columns selection: The ability to select individual schemas, tables and columns for replication in the Datacoral's UI.
  • Data-layout: changing the data type of your columns
  • Customizations: Update the configurations easily using the UI
  • Scheduling: Highly flexible scheduling system

Supported load units

The Zendesk slice automatically collects the following loadunits from the Zendesk API and makes them available in your warehouse for analysis.

activitiesthis loadunit fetches data for ticket activities
agent_metricsthis loadunit fetches data for agent metrics
callsthis loadunit fetches data for calls data
chat_visitorprocess data for individual chat visitors
chat_visitorsthis loadunit fetches data for chat visitors
chatthis loadunit fetches data for specific chat
chatsthis loadunit fetches data for chats
group_membershipsthis loadunit fetches data for group memberships
groupsthis loadunit fetches data for groups
legsthis loadunit fetches data for call legs data
organization_fieldsthis loadunit fetches data for organization fields
organization_membershipsthis loadunit fetches data for organization memberships
organizationsthis loadunit fetches data for organizations
phone_numbersthis loadunit fetches data for phone numbers
satisfaction_ratingsthis loadunit fetches data for satisfaction ratings
sla_policiesthis loadunit fetches data for SLA policies
ticket_auditsthis loadunit fetches data for ticket audits
ticket_events_commentsthis loadunit fetches comment_events sideload data for ticket_events
ticket_eventsthis loadunit fetches data for ticket events
ticket_fieldsthis loadunit fetches data for ticket fields
ticket_metric_eventsthis loadunit fetches data for ticket metric events
ticket_metricsthis loadunit fetches data for ticket metrics
ticketsthis loadunit fetches data for tickets
usersthis loadunit fetches data for users

Loadunits chat_agent, chat_history, chat_webpath, chat_visitors and organization_organization_fields are child loadunits

  • Chat objects are : agent, agent_metrics,chats, chat, chat_agent, chat_history, chat_visitors,chat_visitorand chat_webpath
  • Talk API objects are: calls and legs
  • The rest of the loadunits are Support API objects

Connector output

Output of this connector is stored in S3 and Redshift.

AWS S3 Data stored in AWS S3 is partitioned by date and time s3://customer_installation.datacoral/<slice-name>

Warehouse: The schema name will be same as a connector-name. Tables produced by the connector are:

- schema.activities
- schema.agent_metrics
- schema.agents
- schema.calls
- schema.chat
- schema.chat_agent
- schema.chat_agents
- schema.chat_history
- schema.chat_visitor
- schema.chat_webpath
- schema.chats
- schema.group_memberships
- schema.groups
- schema.legs
- schema.organization_fields
- schema.organization_memberships
- schema.organization_organization_fields
- schema.organizations
- schema.phone_numbers
- schema.satisfaction_ratings
- schema.sla_policies
- schema.ticket_audit_events
- schema.ticket_audits
- schema.ticket_custom_fields
- schema.ticket_event_child_events
- schema.ticket_events
- schema.ticket_fields
- schema.ticket_metric_events
- schema.ticket_metrics
- schema.tickets
- schema.user_fields
- schema.users

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