Workday Connector Overview

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. The Workday connector collects HR data using the RaaS API endpoint and writes it to S3 and chosen Warehouses.

Features & Capabilities

  • Data Extraction Modes: snapshot, incremental
  • Data Load Modes: replace and merge
  • Data-layout: changing the data type of your columns
  • Customizations: Update the configurations easily using the UI
  • Scheduling: Highly flexible scheduling system
  • Wide_Range: Ability to pull any type of report

Supported report types

Report typeExtraction load mode
All Open Positionssnapshot
All Open And Filled Positionssnapshot
Staffing Eventsincremental
Internal Moblityincremental
Othersnapshot and incremental

Connector output

Output of this connector is stored in S3 and destination warehouse.

AWS S3 Data stored in AWS S3 is partitioned by date and time s3://customer_installation.datacoral/<connector-name>

Warehouse: Schema - schema name will be same as a connector-name. Tables produced by the connector are in the format schema.loadunit

Next Steps

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