Salesforce Sandbox Connector Overview

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform for supercharging every part of your company that interacts with customers — including marketing, sales, commerce, service, and building apps.

Sandboxes are used to create multiple copies of the production organization. Several copies of the organization can be developed for development, testing and training. This can be done without any compromise of data in the production organization.

The Salesforce Sandbox connector supports continuous ingest of data from a Salesforce Sandbox account into a data warehouse, such as Redshift. You can ingest any standard or custom object stored in Salesforce.


  • Any standard or custom object in Salesforce.
  • Standard or custom attributes for each object

Data Extraction Limitations

Please note the below restrictions when extracting data from salesforce sandbox

  • Salesforce data extract API limits the number of columns we can extract, especially with long field names. For objects with hundreds of custom fields, it is advisable to specify the exact fields that should be replicated by Datacoral
  • Formula fields replication is not advisable. Formula field values are not recalculated when the underlying attributes change in Salesforce. This could lead to stale data residing in your warehouse. You could replicate the calculation logic within your warehouse to utilize calculated fields.

Supported load units schema

Here is a sample list of loadunits. We have the capability of fetching all standard and custom objects from salesforce.

  • account
  • campaign
  • contact
  • lead
  • opportunity
  • opportunitylineitem
  • taskpriority
  • user

Connector output

Output of this connector is stored in S3 and Redshift.

The data stored in AWS S3 and is partitioned by date and time in the following bucket s3//:customer_installation.datacoral/<connector-name>

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