Marketo Connector Overview

Marketo develops and sells marketing automation software for account-based marketing and other marketing services and products including SEO and content creation. The Datacoral Marketo connector collects data from a Marketo API and writes it to an AWS S3 bucket and to the destination data warehouse

Features & Capabilities

  • Backfill: Full historical sync of your entire data
  • Data Extraction Modes: snapshot, incremental with pagination
  • Data Load Modes: replace, append and merge
  • Tables and Columns selection: Ability to select tables in all loadunits and individual columns in leads loadunit
  • Data-layout: changing the data type of your columns
  • Customizations: Update the configurations easily using the UI
  • Scheduling: Highly flexible scheduling system


Click here to learn about the limitations for API calls in Marketo connector

Supported load units

The Marketo slice automatically collects the following loadunits from the Marketo API and makes them available in your warehouse for analysis.

activitiesSupported through bulk export APIData will be fetched with createdAt filter from API
activity typesThe REST API endpoint supports snapshot pull through paginationNot Supported
activity types attributesSupportedNot supported
campaignssupports snapshot pull through pagination using pagingTokenNot supported
deleted leadsNot SupportedThe REST API endpoint supports incremental pull through pagination using pagingToken
leadsThrough Bulk APIWe fetch leads through an updatedAt date filter using the bulk API endpoint
listsThe REST API endpoint supports snapshot pull through pagination using pagingTokenNot Supported
list membershipThe REST API endpoint supports snapshot pull through pagination using pagingTokenNot Supported
program membershipSupported for backfillData fetched via the REST API endpoint
programsThe REST API endpoint supports snapshot pull through paginationSupported, we will filter programs list through earliestUpdatedAt and latestUpdatedAt query parameters

For program_membership loadunit, we obtain the program IDs from the activities and then sync all the leads that belong to a specific program into the loadunit.

Connector output

Output of this connector is stored in S3 and destination warehouse.

AWS S3 Data stored in AWS S3 is partitioned by date and time s3://customer_installation.datacoral/<connector-name>

Warehouse: Schema - schema name will be same as a connector-name. Tables produced by the connector are:

- schema.activities
- schema.activity_types
- schema.activity_types_attributes
- schema.campaigns
- schema.deleted_leads
- schema.leads_export
- schema.leads
- schema.lists
- schema.list_membership
- schema.program_membership
- schema.programs

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