Greenhouse Connector CLI Setup Guide


Please complete these steps before adding in the CLI


Please note that both the terminologies slice and connector in CLI commands refer to connector.

Step 1 : Download an existing configuration

To get a template for the Greenhouse connector configuration save the output of the describe command as follows:

mkdir <config-directory>
datacoral connector describe --slice-type ingest_greenhouse > <config-directory>/<params>.json

Step 2 : Update the parameters file

Modify the input parameters file (Ex.greenhouse_input_params.json) by adding the below fields.

Example template:

"sliceName": "",
"sliceType": "ingest_greenhouse",
"targetWarehouses": [],
"connectionConfiguration": {
"apiKey": {
"encrypt": true,
"key": ""
"extractConfiguration": {
"schedule": "",
"backfill": ""

Step 3 : Add the connector

datacoral connector add --connector-name <connector-name> --config-directory <config-directory>
  • <connector-name> Name of your connector. A schema with this name is automatically created in your warehouse
  • <config-directory> File path to the input parameters file must be in this directory

Got questions? Interested?

Please contact Datacoral's Support Team, we'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions.