Greenhouse Connector Capture Deletes

Here is a quick guide to setup tables in destination warehouse to capture deletes

Step 1: Setup events connector

Please contact to set up events connector. Click here to learn more about Datacoral Events connectors.

Step 2: Create Webhooks in Greenhouse console

  • In greenhouse console, go to Configure menu, select Dev Center from the left and click on Web Hooks, choose Web Hooks again
  • Select an event type to listen to (When) Ex: When Candidate has been deleted
  • Give the endpoint url in the following format: <Invoke URL>?apiKey=<apiKey>&env=<environment>

    We will provide you the Invoke URL , apiKey and environment once the events connector is created

Example of endpoint url:
  • Input the apikey in Secret Key
  • Click on Create webhook

Step 3: Set an S3 connector to load events to warehouse table

Please click here for Amazon S3 setup guide. Create an S3 connector with configuration as given below

  • In Step 2 : Give Source S3 bucket as <installation>.datacoral
  • In Step 4
    • Add one loadunit to capture all events
    • set the sourcePathPrefix as events_<env>/<events_slice_name>
    • Set the data format as JSON
    • Set the Execution Mode as incremental

All event types in greenhouse have same top level properties, so all events can be captured in a single loadunit

The action column will denote the type of event that is captured and payload column will have the event data.

Materialised Views can be added on top of the base tables and the events table to clean up deleted candidates and corresponding applications

The webhook events will be loaded into the destination warehouse as and when received by the datacoral event endpoint. The load frequency will be as per the S3 connector.