Google Analytics Connector UI Setup Guide

Step 1: Select Google Analytics Connector

  • From the main menu, click on Add connector
  • Find and select Google Analytics connector

Step 2. Configure connection parameters

  • Sign-In your google account and Allow access

Fill in the connection parameters

  • Slice name : Set the name of the connector, please note that this cannot be changed
  • Warehouse : Choose the destination warehouse from the drop down
  • Analytics View ID : Click on the top left of the navbar click on All Web Site data and copy the view of the property

    Google Analytics connector can be added per View ID basis

  • List of metrics : Add the list of metrics ex: ga:users, ga:newUsers
  • List of dimensions : Add List of Dimensions ex: ga:userType

Please review this link to see the compatibility of metrics and dimensions

Connector Activated

You have successfully added the connector once you have landed on the below page. Click on the enable icon on the top right to activate it.


Please contact Datacoral's Support Team, we'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions.