Google Adwords Connector CLI Setup Guide


Please complete these steps before adding in the CLI

Step 1 : Download an existing configuration

To get a template for the Adwords connector configuration save the output of the describe --input-parameters command as follows:

collect describe --slice-type adwords --input-parameters > <params-file>

Step 2 : Update the parameters file

Modify the input parameters file (Ex.adwords_parameters_file.json) by adding the below fields.

Example template:

"schedule": "datasource schedule (optional) (string), default - \"0 0 * * *\"",
"adwordsClientCustomerId": "Adwords customer id (Ex: 123-456-7890) (string)",
"adwordsDeveloperToken": "Adwords developer token (string)",
"adwordsClientId": "OAuth2 client ID (string)",
"adwordsSecret": "OAuth2 client secret (string)",
"adwordsRefreshToken": "OAuth2 refresh token (string)",
"adwordsUserAgent": "your unique string (Ex: (string)",
"TargetWarehouses": ["redshift"]

Step 3 : Add the connector

collect add --slice-type adwords --slice-name <connector-name> --parameters-file <params-file>
  • <connector-name> Name of your connector. A schema with this name is automatically created in your warehouse
  • <params-file> File path to your input parameters file. Ex. adwords_parameters_file.json

Got questions? Interested?

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