360Learning Connector UI Setup Guide


Please refer to the documentation to understand and obtain the tokens/urls needed for the connector to pull data from 360Learning. You will need to obtain the company id, api key.

1.Obtain Company id and API key

Contact 360learning customer success partner(CSP) to get your company id and api key. These are necessary input parameters for adding the 360Learning connector

Step 1: Select 360Learning connector

Step 1

  • From the main menu, click on Add connector
  • In the search bar, find and select 360Learning

Step 2: Add Connector

  • Input the connector name and select warehouses and click Next

    Please note that the connector name once set cannot be edited later

Step 3: Configure connection parameters

  • Input the company id, api key name and click Check Connection
  • After successful connection click Next

Step 4: Configure source information

  • Interval : Set the frequency of data extraction
  • Click on Next to see all the load units

Step 5: Configure load units information

The list of loadunits with extraction mode and schedule is displayed. 360Learning has default 15 loadunits, please remove unused ones if any. Interval property can be modified only for a parent loadunit.

Click on Edit to update edit configuration per loadunit.

  • Extraction mode : Can be only snapshot
  • Interval : The frequency of the extraction mode ranges in discrete interval from 5 minutes

Connector Activated

You have successfully added the connector once you have landed on the below page.

Got Questions?

If you have questions or feedback, feel free to reach out at hello@datacoral.co or Request a demo