Manage Users On Datacoral Platform

Datacoral introduces a new way to manage users within a team for all customers. Here is a quick guide to manage users in your team. Users can now use the web application as well as the command line interface to administer and monitor Datacoral data pipelines depending on their role.


  • Team: A group of users who belong to the same team or company. Each team will have roles within such as admin, member and read only
  • Roles: Every user in the team is assigned a role with specific permissions in the way they add or update the data pipeline and the user management rights.
  • Admin: Admin exercises the right to add or remove other team members and assign roles. Admin can be company or datacoral. Admins have full rights on the Datacoral installation as well as user management.
  • Member: The user in the team who can use the webapp but cannot add any new users or assign roles. Members will not see the Actions column in user management.
  • Read only: As the name suggests, a user who can surf the contents of the webapp of the user's team but is not permitted to use the application.

In the below screenshot we see the new user management page.

  • Status: Each of the roles are mapped to on the three below status:
  • Invited: When the Admin adds a new user and sends the invite. Admin can also invite a user in the created state.
  • Created: The state of the user who is created in Datacoral system when the admin adds them.
  • Active: Once a user logs in and sets the password on the webapp, they will become active.

Managing Users

1. Add

Here are the steps to add a new user

Step 1: Go to User Management under profile. Click on "Add User" on the top right.

Step 2: A pop up with details request will be on the screen, enter the email id of the user you’d like to invite along with the role. You can choose to send the invite if the email is active.

Step 3: On invitation, the user will receive a mail invitation to set up a Datacoral account. Click on “Get Started” in the email to be directed to the web application.

2. Invite

Users who have been added but have not yet joined. Click on the “Invite User” icon under actions tab.

On clicking invite you should get a dialog box on the top right that says the user has been invited. The user will receive the invitation via email.

3. Edit

Step 1: To upgrade or downgrade the user privileges, click on the edit icon on the actions.

Step 2: Edit the role and click on “Update User”, you can also send the invite.

4. Delete

Step 1: Click on the “Delete User” icon under actions tab to delete the user.

Step 2: Click “Delete User” on the pop up warning message.

User permissions

RoleAddInviteUpdateDeleteAccess to webapp
AdminAdd users in any teamInvite users in any teamEdit the role of any team user except selfDelete users in team except selfYes
Read onlyNoNoNoNoView only