Datacoral Documentation

Welcome to Datacoral! This documentation site provides how-tos, references, troubleshooting guides, and Frequently Asked Questions about Datacoral.


Datacoral is an end-to-end data pipeline platform with a rich set of connectors to ingest data from different sources, customizable transforms to generate insights within your warehouse, and publishers to push data from your warehouse into external systems.

Datacoral offers multiple ways to interact with the platform

  1. The Datacoral Web Application allows you to use a browser to install the platform, configure the connectors and the warehouses, build out transformations via a SQL editor, and monitor the data flows in the different data pipelines you construct.
  2. The Datacoral Command Line Interface allows you to perform the same operations as the web application. You can use the CLI to build out your continuous integration and continuous deployment automation of the entire Datacoral installation. You can download the CLI from the web application.
  3. The Datacoral API allows you to programmatically perform all the same operations as the CLI. You can use the Datacoral API to programmatically configure, deploy, and monitor your data pipelines.
  4. The Datacoral Notifications Service allows you to subscribe to failures and changes to your pipelines and platform via email, text, and Slack.

Datacoral provides the following integrations and connectors for data pipelines.

  1. Ingest connectors to centralize data from applications, databases, webhooks, and streams into a central warehouse of your choice.
  2. Transformations in SQL within warehouses of your choice that are automatically synchronized with the ingest connectors. Build cleansed and aggregated derived tables within the warehouses from the ingested data.
  3. Publishers to publish data from warehouses into external databases, applications, and end-points.

With Datacoral you can build an end-to-end data pipeline from data sources to taking actions on insights with very little pipeline code and only writing SQL transforms in the warehouse of your choice.

Datacoral's managed platform is fully serverless and is installed directly within your VPC, so no data ever leaves your control, providing an unprecedented level of security for a fully managed service. See Datacoral Security Architecture for details.

Getting Started

Sign-up for Datacoral here. You will receive an email from someone on our team with next steps.

If there is already a Datacoral installation in your company, please send an email to to get invited to your team.