Install Command Line Interface

Our CLI is the main way you manage your Datacoral stack. You can use it to find out more information about the connectors we offer, to deploy a new connector, update/remove an existing connector. You can also use it to manage, create, and delete materialized views.

Installation overview

Please follow the below steps to install the CLI

Step 1: Go to profile and click on Get Datacoral CLI

Step 2: You will find three commands that can be pasted onto the terminal

  1. Download the installer command
  2. CLI setup command

Here is the description of parameters in this command

Parameter NameDescription
TEAM-KEYString that uniquely identifies your team
USER-KEYString that uniquely identifies you in the team
AWS-REGIONAWS Region where your Datacoral Installation has been created
AWS-AVAILABILITY-ZONEAWS Availability Zone where you Datacoral Installation has been created
INSTALLATION-NAMEName of your Datacoral Installation
AWS-ACCOUNT-NAMEName of your AWS Account
  1. Authentication command (to confirm the installation)

The installer performs the following operations:

  • sets up the right version of Node
  • verifies that computer has AWS credentials already setup
  • sets up local configuration that is used for creating Datacoral services in your AWS account
  • installs the CLI
  • authenticates the CLI with your team key and user key

Supported AWS Regions and Zones

We support the following regions and zones because they contain all of the resources your installation will need.

RegionsAvailability Zones
us-west-2us-west-2a, us-west-2b, us-west-2c, us-west-2d
us-east-1us-east-1a, us-east-1b, us-east-1c, us-east-1d, us-east-1e, us-east-1f
eu-west-1eu-west-1a, eu-west-1b, eu-west-1c
ap-south-1ap-south-1a, ap-south-1b, ap-south-1c


If you already have an active installation, you can confirm that your CLI is working properly by running the following command:

datacoral collect list-slice-types

you can check the latest version with the below command

datacoral --version

Next Steps


If you have questions or feedback, feel free to reach out at or Request a demo